Contact Information

Supervisor - Grace Nucero-Alger

Office phone: 607-373-3083
Home phone 607-334-6799
Cell phone 607-373-7269

Councilman - Frank Williams

Home Phone: 607-334-5040

Councilman - Daniel Meyer

Home phone 607-336-3814
Cell phone 607-316-2182

Councilman - Garry James

Home Phone: 607-336-6276

Councilman - Shawn Cushman

Home phone 607-244-3200

Highway Superintendent - Rodney Oakley

Garage phone 607-334-7494
Cell phone 607-226-8158

Town Clerk/Tax Collector - Virginia E. Brown

Home phone 607-334-7744
Office 607-336-2116
Office Hours Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from noon to 5:00pm. Saturdays from 8:00am to noon during January only.

Town Justice - Judge James Fox

Phone 607-316-3928
Town Court hours are the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month at 9:00am

Assessor - Dick Rifanburg

Home phone 607-334-6253
Hours: The Assessor will be in the Plymouth area every Friday morning during the summer and fall. During this time, office visits can be arranged by calling 607-334-6253.
The assessor can also be reached by e-mail (

Dog Control Officer - Brian Franklin

Cell phone 607-745-6755
(Please text if texting is available)

Code Enforcement Officer - Steve Fox

Phone: 607-316-0403

Fire Chief:

Kevin Ray

Fire Department:

Chairman - Robert Patterson
Commissioner - Brian Franklin
Commissioner - Travis Ashcraft
Commissioner - Marc Rogers
Treasurer - Sherri Cohen
Secretary - Jackie Kreiner

Fire District number 607-334-5388
Fire Department number 607-334-6805